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This is the story of a girl whose one wish is to go to Tokyo. It still is my wish. Until then, I will be taking photos all over Sydney. This photo was taken outside Maruyu, a $2.50 store, which is reminiscent of a Japanese convenience store and a Japanese 100 yen store.

I am not as adept with painting, although I love mixing colours. I love the tones of this piece. The palettes are actually ice-cube moulds, which I begged my cousin to give me. I didn't want to wash out the dried paint, because I believe that the colours are all quite attractive. I adjusted not only the brightness, but also coloured it to emphasize the softness of the work.
aoi yu ☆ cameras


I find that being a "city person" is something that is deeply ingrained in my mentality. I love the dynamism of the cityscape and likewise feel at home in the midst of skyscrapers. Although people would like to end up in the countryside or sleep in the suburbs at the end of the day, I think that because of my youth, I need something of a faster pace.

Sydney's cityscape is filled with a myriad of elements that makes it neither fully European or purely Asian. I love the fusion within it, during the day and into the wee hours of the morning.

I used contrasts and colouring to emphasize the blue. I added some JR tickets from Kyoto to give it an added edge, but somehow, I still find something lacking. Perhaps, it would be answered by the endless blue.

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aoi yu ☆ cameras


My friends never realize that I use them as my models a lot of the time. It makes for candid shots, I believe. Likewise, using text makes the photographs look sophisticated and fun.

This is my best friend. I don't think I realize how valuable he is to me at times. This was a random shot wherein I manipulated the brightness and contrast. The irony within this photo is the fact that he hates having random shots taken. Likewise, there is a clear message behind this, although at the time I did not perceive it. The media- the paparazzi in general could manipulate the truth, just from a few choice words and a couple of well-taken snaps.

The message behind this could be perceived as a break-up. However, losing a friend either through a lack of communication, through death or even just from a lack of shared interests could be just as painful. I wished to convey the pain of losing someone through this work.
aoi yu ☆ cameras


These photos were taken at Sydney's Airport when we saw my cousin off. I believe that the airport has a lot of potential for photographers. One could see the expressions on the faces of people. They either seem immensely excited to travel, or look quite weary. In this series of works, I focused a lot more on the signs that exist within the confines of the airport; as well as labels on carts.

PASSENGERS ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT suggested the idea of separation. This could be perceived as the painful farewells of people who would be distanced for a while. In my mind, the inclusion of the girl in the corner suggests something more poignant, how youth could be separated from their parents through the barrier of the generation gap. I may just be writing what I think... but I believe that the signs could be manipulated to an artist's advantage.

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